Welcome !

Winnipeg, Manitoba is where I was born and raised.


After graduating with an Advertising Art degree, I enjoyed being employed as a graphic designer for a number of years, before choosing to pursue my passion for painting.  Three college friends and I formed a group, "Indivisuals" and exhibited at various venues, including the University of Manitoba and Assiniboine Park Conservatory.


I always dreamed that we would live with all our animals in a peaceful, picturesque town with homes no one lived in.  My "impossible" dream has partially come true.  We were able to purchase a home near the lake in a small town along the beautiful shores of Lake Winnipeg.  Being a beach-side community the summers  are busy. When the cottagers leave in the autumn the town becomes peaceful.  The wonder of nature here never ceases to amaze us.  From the deer, foxes and bald-eagles to the endless moods of the lake. This is the perfect place for me to create.


I believe life is a journey where we are continually searching for inner peace, beauty and happiness.  Rather than focusing on the outcome we need to enjoy the process. This is where true happiness lies.


Watercolor is my favourite medium. There is always the balance between control and spontaneity that no other medium has.  I always marvel at nature and how even the most ordinary subject becomes extraordinary with the interplay of light and shadow.  I will never tire trying to capture the drama and mood of light.


I have greatly enjoyed teaching watercolor workshops at Artist Emporium as well as local Art Groups.  Teaching my own group of talented watercolor artists for the past eleven years has been very rewarding for me.


I have exhibited my paintings in numerous art shows such as Art Expo and The Wave Interlake Art Studio Tour as well as various galleries across North America.